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Why You Need a Lawyer for Trademarks

The downside of using an automated online trademark service is that they typically don’t provide adequate trademark protection or go in-depth to protect your brand. What often ends up happening is your trademark is filed improperly, and weeks or months later, your application will be rejected and hit with an office action. If you do not respond properly to an office action within 6 months, your trademark is abandoned and any original fees you paid for the trademark are non-refundable. 

Save money and time by hiring an experienced trademark attorney at Darwich Law. We keep costs affordable to help entrepreneurs secure their brand without worrying about excess legal fees. If you’re unsure where to start, call 330-333-0773, you’ll immediately speak with an experienced attorney who can help guide you through your situation.

What We Do

At The Darwich Law Firm we specialize in Trademarks. We help protect, grow, and establish our client’s businesses and brands. 

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Omar Darwich is kind, professional and invested in each and every one of his clients. He is incredibly personable and knowledgable in his field. Omar goes above and beyond for his clients and you would be lucky to have him as your attorney!


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