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Automated online trademark sites typically don’t protect your brand or provide adequate trademark protection. What usually ends up happening: your trademark will likely be filed improperly, then weeks or months later your application will be rejected. We don’t like to point fingers, but getting your trademark should not be a horror story.

If you’re serious about protecting your brand, keep reading.

What happens when your trademark is rejected?

After waiting for several  months, you’ll be notified your application is rejected and hit with an office action. If you don’t respond within six months, your trademark is abandoned. All the while, anyone else can file for your trademark and take it. This puts you out of valuable time and money. Don’t be forced to recreate yourself because your trademark was filed improperly.

so How do I protect my brand?

Give us a call. Really, that’s it. We are lawyers and trademarks are what we do. Our goal is to give you more than adequate legal protection to safeguard your trademark and ensure that your brand is yours. We also make sure you’re not infringing on anyone else’s brand. Together we got this!

Ok, so what Do we do differently?


First, we do detailed and comprehensive research to see if there may be issues or risks with your application. Just like painting, 90% of the job is preperation. 

What those online trademark mills don’t tell you is that over 50% of trademark applications get refused. Thats why working with an experienced attorney is so important. We save you time, money, and brain pains in the long term. 

Strategy Calls

Within days we have a comprehensive strategy call with YOU to discuss our findings, suggestions, and legal opinions. We also discuss business possibilities and alternatives. 

We also promise to keep talking to you. A trademark application from start to finish can take anywhere from 8-14 months. We don’t take your money and run and we don’t make you pay to talk to us. 


Within two weeks of signing up, we will have your application completed and submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office… or the USPTO. We file all the paperwork necessary to protect your brand.

All you have to do is give us a call to get started.

We Protect Brands, Nationwide.

Trademarks are our specialty. At The Darwich Law Firm, We help protect, grow, and establish our client’s businesses and brands. We only charge the amount needed to get the job done right. After all, we’re entrepreneurs as well.

from our clients

"Recently, I was in need of a good Trademark attorney in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, so I got on the Internet and talked to four lawyers before I landed on the The Darwich Law Firm. Omar Darwich, from the start of the conversation was engaged and knew exactly what I needed to move forward. I told him that I wanted to work with him by the end of our discussion. I'm glad I did, he dove right in and got to work. I've worked with a few attorney's over the last 15-years and Mr. Darwich has made this process easy and enjoyable. Sometimes you just get lucky! Many thanks to you Omar."
Daniel E.
"I have a small business that I had to trademark and I didn't know much about it until researching if I should do it myself submission or work with a lawyer. In the end, my gut feeling told me to work with a lawyer. I'm very glad to have chosen Omar to assist with my trademark submission. Omar is very professional and helpful! I look forward to work with Omar again if I have any additional projects. Thank you again!!"
Emma R.
Omar Darwich was such an amazing Trademark Lawyer to have! He literally walked me through the process, very responsive in the entire process and answered any questions that I had from beginning to end. I would refer The Darwich Law Firm to anyone in need of their business in a snap, I look forward to doing business with him in my future business endeavors as well!
Amber C.
I had some questions about trademarks and the answers were satisfactory. I really appreciated the willingness, time and effort helping me to clear up some confusion for free. I would highly recommend! Big thanks! 🙂
Called me exactly as scheduled for the free consultation. Pleasant and helpful. He gave me an easy to understand answer. If I need further assistance, I will definitely seek out this law firm for help.
I’ve reached out for a couple of random questions, and Omar always brings up some perspectives that I didn’t think of, and gave some great advice. Will definitely be using his services in the future!
Bryce H.

let's do this!
how long will it take?

Week 1 – Analyze

Step One. We collect info about your trademark and business. 
It is absolutely critical we make sure we get all the details right in order to complete our comprehensive search and best advise you. 

We then schedule a strategy call and give you all the details to make an informed decision moving forward. We let you know what classes are best to file in and what risks you may face. 

Week 2 – Apply

Step Two.
We prepare and file your application based on the information we collected from you. We provide you with the filing number and what to expect in the coming months!

Month 3+

After we submit your trademark application it takes the USPTO about 3-5 months to file an examiner to review your application.

After the USPTO assigns an examiner they’ll let us know within 1-2 months if they are going to reject or approve your application. 

If they find any issues that could stop or delay your application.


Once the examiner decides your application can be registered, it will be published to a USPTO Gazette for thirty days where people can challenge the registration.


It then takes a few months for the USPTO to issue a certification of registration, but once they do we will send you the registration certification and tips for maintenance and enforcement!

you did it.
trademark'ed and done.

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