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We know what its like to want the best for your business and your family. We also know that there are a-lot of people who will try and scare you to get your business.

Thats why at TDL we provide competent legal help at affordable costs. We are willing to go the distance with you and see you succeed. We keep you in the loop at all times and we always act for your best interests.

It’s this mentality and philosophy that has led us to representing clients from across the states and succeeding.  You don’t build an empire without using the best brick and mortar. 

Quality over Quantity

Here at the Darwich Law Firm, we prioritize you. Having represented clients in various stages of IP litigation we have developed the skills and resources to best see you succeed. 

You don’t just need a lawyer. You need someone who can help you navigate the legal and business field to help you maximize your business and goals. We place an emphasis on making sure your business is not only protected legally, but is also staged to succeed. We plan for your financial, legal, national, and international success.

You Deserve The BEst

You are not just a statistic for some rich CEO to brag about.

You are unique, brilliant and deserve representation that respects that. We want to see you succeed.
The Darwich Law Firm treats you like family and not just another checkbox.

Trademark info

Trademark Infringement

Trademark Infringement Are you dealing with trademark infringement Trademark infringement is no laughing matter. From the Plaintiff’s perspective a trademark lawsuit can result in a

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Darwich Law Firm Top-Rated Trademark Lawyers You Are Your Dreams and Aspirations. Let’s Protect Your Future Today. WHY choose our trademark lawyers You can go

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Office Actions

Office Actions What is an Office Action? An office action is an official letter sent by the USPTO in which the examining attorney lists all

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Trademark Pricing

Pricing Trademark Pricing Additional Services Respond to USPTO Office Action —— $799 Minimum plus hourly fee Standalone Knock-Out Search w/ Legal Opinion Letter —— $450

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